October 6, 2011

Vine and Leaf Pumpkin Carving Craft

Published by Carla at 9:46 PM

I love a beautifully carved pumpkin, like this elegant vine and leaf pumpkin. This would be beautiful for curb appeal for your front door, a beautiful centerpiece for you dining table, or a wonderful thanksgiving centerpiece (Stewart, M., 2011). Read the information below to get started on your vine and leaf pumpkin carving craft.

Learn how to creat these textured effects using a carve-by-color technique.

Download Your Vine and Leaf Template by Martha:
Print Vine and Leaf Template 1
Print Vine and Leaf Template 2
Print Vine and Leaf Template 3
Print Vine and Leaf Template 4

Tips on How to Light the Pumpkin

Material and Tools:
1/4-inch hole cutter
1/2-inch hole cutter

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