December 11, 2016

How to Host A Cookie Exchange Party with Free Printables

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Do you enjoy having different cookies in your home for the holidays? Have you ever thought about hosting a Cookie Exchange Party in your home this year? Please let us explain the concept of the cookie party.  
The Cookie Exchange Party hostess invites a guest and each guest brings from 6 to 12 dozen homemade cookies. This introduces your guest to a variety of cookies and unique recipes. Do not forget that guests want to make sure they have enough cookies, so every guest leaves the party with a variety of cookies and a few great recipes! Honestly, hosting a cookie party provides a way for your friends a small social event in your home before the holidays. 
After the party, what if you still have leftover cookies? We love donating to local charities.  Make sure you include all the recipes, so people are not allergic to any of the ingredients you have used to make your cookies. Find a local charity in your community that accepts homemade cookies. 
Please follow the steps below to host a Cookie Exchange Party:
1) Download our Templates
(Find the link at the end of the article)
2) Set the Date, Invite your Guests and Send Out the Invites
  • Double the amount of guests because during the holidays many people have other engagements to attend with family
  • Ask Guest to bring 6 to 12 dozen homemade cookies in a decorate dish and then a Tupperware container to take

3) Bake your favorite Cookie Recipe and consider using a decorative Tupperware container to store them in to keep the cookies fresh.
4) Consider having a packaging station where guest can assemble all their cookies.  Be sure to include craft ribbon, felt-tipped pens, crafts, decorations, cookie labels and all of your printables prepped for the party.  
5) Consider a Door Prize and some inexpensive stocking stuffers for giveaways like super cute cookie cutters.
6) Select some Christmas music to download to your iPhone or iPad and use your speakers.
7) Have you thought about using Eventbrite for the RSVP’s to your Event?  Consider using the website and it is very easy to use.
8) It’s Time for the Cookie Exchange Party!  Get the party started at the room you plan on using for the party.  Place all the cookies on it and have your guests be seated at the table.  Start by taking a dozen cookies each and rotate the cookies around the table, so all of your guest have an opportunity to select their cookies until all the cookies are equally divided amongst the guests.
9)  Play one of our free printable games, like Cookie Exchange Bingo!

Download All of Our FREE and ULTIMATE party printables designed by WicksnCandlesticks:
  • Cookie Awards
  • Cookie Exchange Bingo
  • Christmas Banner
  • Christmas Drink Tags
  • Coffee Tags
  • Cookie Card Tags for Your Cookies
  • Cookie Gift Tags for the Gable Box
  • Cookie Party Invitations
  • Cookie Party Envelopes 
  • Cookie Party Envelope Stickers
  • Gable Box
  • Gift Card List
  • Christmas Gift Wish List
  • How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party
  • Name Badge
  • Recipe Cards for your Cookies
  • Return Address Labels
  • Cookie Vote Signage
  • Cookie Voting Cards
  • Photo Cork Coaster Craft
  • Stocking Stuffer Wish List
    (will update this list soon)

Download All the Free Printables below:
 Free Cookie Exchange Party Printables

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