April 3, 2017

Getting Smart Using Sorority Planner Stickers for Planners

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Sorority Planner Stickers for Paper Planners-Free Printable
I love using planner stickers, do you?  I find that it helps me when planning whatever event I need to attend for the week.  I hope I have not missed any special dates on the social event calendar, such as, Bid Day, Birthdays’, Chapter Meeting, Charity Events, Committee Meeting, Date Night, Founders Day, Fundraiser, Semi-Formal, Formal, Game Day, Greek Council, Greek Week, House Tours, Initiation & Ritual Ceremony, Open House, Philanthropy, Preference Day & Night, Recruitment, Registration, Big & Little Reveal, Rush Week, Sisterhood, Social Calendar, Social Events, Social Mixer, Sorority Fee, Study Time, Stick Silence, Swap & Tuition Fee.  There are many events, so keep track of them with your paper planner and do not miss out!  

When you are ready, download, save the PDF file to your computer and print the printable stickers at your convenience. The best part, my sorority planner stickers are FREE and no charge to you! 

Download Your Free Sorority Planner Stickers
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