February 22, 2017

The Ultimate Makeup Kit List

I attended our first Live Beauty Week with Tonya at Elite Secrets via Facebook!  I learned so many things from her Beauty Week like the makeup techniques I was doing all wrong, but there were and some makeup techniques I was doing right! 

In regards to makeup application, I had no idea there are three primers for your skin, which are eye, face and lip primer.  I will not go any further with everything I learned from a professional makeup artist, but I will share tips on how to organize your nail and makeup kit and hair accessories. 

After attending her Elite Secrets beauty week, I thought about organizing and take inventory of my caboodle makeup and nail kits and hair accessories.  I pulled out her kit out from my nightstand that evening, took it out to the kitchen table and reviewed my makeup cheat sheet that has all my hair, makeup and nail products and accessories listed.  

The result of the organization was that I had tons of cosmetics to dispose of in the trash, which was unfortunate and costly.  I decided right then to take charge of the moment to re-organize everything.

What I Designed for My Storage: 
• Disposable Labels (Freebie)
• Makeup Cleaning Labels (Freebie)
Traveling Makeup Kit Necessities
Ultimate Hair Brush Guide
• 12 Makeup Brush You Need

Additional Labels & Printables
(With Newsletter Subscription):

Applying Makeup, Beauty Appointments, Makeup Artist Checklist, Hairstyling Products, Makeup Tools,  Storage Drawer Labels, Makeup Brushes Infographic and Ultimate Hair Brush Guide Infographic.

Hairstylist Forms, Makeup Forms, Nail Forms and Beauty Stickers.

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I hope you enjoy all the printables as you
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