March 10, 2017

How To Create the Perfect Slideshow for Your Wedding Reception

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I have wanted to use Google Slides for a while and I finally made sometime in my schedule to use it. This week I downloaded the app to my iPad and it took me one entire day to make my slides for my business.  I am very particular with the design aspect and the content of the slideshow, so my slides would take a little longer to make versus someone who just wants to have photos to upload and attach a music file to use for the slideshow.  

Wedding Reception Slideshows have been around for years in the industry, but some people think it is difficult to do for the wedding reception because it is not cost-effective for their wedding reception. I like the option of GoogleSlides for the slide show rather than just having it read from a file.  You can provide this link for your guests to watch after the reception and then also give permissions to wedding guest to have access to the Google File Photos on the Google Drive.  

I have provided a simple solution for wedding couples to create an affordable slideshow, but before I get started I would like to suggest some words of wisdom. Please do not give this project to one of your wedding guests or wedding party members to do because they may leave their post and not take care of the slideshow.  In the end, you will be disappointed if that happens at your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. However, I do suggest that you hire your photographer for your wedding reception because he will need to do this project himself or work closely with your DJ to make this effectively work for your wedding reception. Please be sure to add this into your contract with each wedding professional. If you failed to do so, please request a revision to your wedding contact.

Here is what you need to get started to have your own slideshow for your wedding reception:

1) Download Google Slides to Your iPad

2) Have your Wedding Photographer must have dual-memory card slots in the camera he uses for your Wedding Reception

3) After the photos are taken by the photographer,  he/she will transfer the images from the dual-memory card to Google Drive

4) Your photographer will sort those reception images on your iPad.  (Note: A jpeg image would be fine, but have your photographer determine the screen resolution).

5) Add your images to the Google Slides for the Slideshow. You have the option to select the ‘Fade’ option to apply to the slideshow to fade the animation between each photo

6) Create Your Final Slideshow

7) Connect your Projector to Your PC to Show the Google Slides (Read Information For Detailed Instructions or Watch the Video Instructions from YouTube website):

•Option 1:  Connect iPod to Projection
•Option 2: Connect iPad to Projection
•Option 3: Connect iPad to Projection Video

Download Your Free Reception Photo Checklist
Wedding Reception Photo Checklist

Items You Need for Project:
VGA Cable
VGA Adapter
2-Dual Memory Cards

Wifi Connection
Wedding Photography Printable(Uploading by Tomorrow)

Note:  You can purchase the VGA Cable, VGA Adapter and Projector from places like TigerDirect, NewEgg or Best Buy.

I hope you found this information useful.  Please let us know how you used Google Slides at your wedding reception.  I would love to hear from you!

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