March 22, 2017

Like Free Tech Goodies? Then You Will Love This Beautiful Wallpaper for Your iPhone, iPad and Desktop

Beautiful Wallpaper for Your iPhone, iPad and Desktop

We are totally organized on my iPad and PC and if we did not have organizational printables in our life to help us along, we are not sure where we would be!  It is not just the organizational printables, but our lives have changed by keeping organized on all our electronics and paper planner.  We do have to use both because we have tons of things to keep track each day, so we use electronic and paper.  For us personally and professionally, “The little things in life are what matter the most.”  

Today, I have provided my readers with FREE and three (3) beautiful tech wallpaper background goodies for Your iPhone, iPad and Desktop for the month of April!  We have also provided hyperlinks to articles on how to install your free wallpaper.  Remember, wedding season starts now, so please get organized because if you do not have a planner, you are going to need your paper planner our wallpaper goodies!

Download Your Free Tech Goodies Below:
iPhone Wallpaper and iPhone Instructions
iPad Wallpaper and iPad Instructions
Desktop Wallpaper and DesktopWallpaper Instructions
• Bonus Calendar Printable

Please note that the wallpaper is iOS and Mac compatible with images at 300 DPI resolution.

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